days of week in spanish

Days of week in Spanish

Days of the week In Spanish

Everyone knows there are seven days in a week. In the Lesson, We will Learn about the Days of week in Spanish Language with correct pronunciation and translation. Learn how to say Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday in Spanish.

How to say the Days in Spanish :

English Spanish Hindi
Monday lunes सोमवार
Tuesday martes मंगलवार
Wednesday Miércoles बुधवार
Thursday Jueves गुरूवार
Friday Viernes शुक्रवार
Saturday Sábado शनिवार
Sunday Domingo रविवार

Días de la semana

days of week in spanish

Learn the days of the week in Spanish, with pronunciation

Q.1 How to say Sunday In Spanish?
Ans. Sunday is translated as “domingo”.

Q.2 How to say Monday In Spanish?
Ans. Monday is translated as “lunes”.

Q.3 How to say Tuesday In Spanish?
Ans. Tuesday is translated as “martes”.

Q.4 How to say Wednesday In Spanish?
Ans. Wednesday is translated as “miércoles”.

Q.5 How to say Thursday In Spanish?
Ans. Thursday is translated as “jueves”.

Q.6 How to say Friday In Spanish?
Ans. Friday is translated as “viernes”.

Q.7 How to say Saturday In Spanish?
Ans. Saturday is translated as “sábado”.

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