Days of week in German

Days of the week in German

German – Days of the week

In this lesson, we will learn about Days of Week in German Language. Day is translated as “tag”, for example Mon+tag= montag i.e Monday. all the days except Wednesday ends with tag. week is translated as “Woche”. Everyone knows there are seven days in a week.  Learn how to say Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

How to say the Days in German

English German Hindi
Monday Montag सोमवार
Tuesday Dienstag मंगलवार
Wednesday der Mittwoch बुधवार
Thursday Donnerstag गुरूवार
Friday Freitag शुक्रवार
Saturday Samstag शनिवार
Sunday Sonntag रविवार

Tage der Woche

Learn the days of the week with pronunciation

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