Zodiac Signs in French

Zodiac Signs in French Language

Zodiac / Star Signs in French

zodiac signs in French are called signes du zodiaque. Just like other language French also have 12 starsigns. Below is the list of all zodiac signs with English and Hindi Translations

12 starsigns in French are given Below

English French Hindi
Aries le Bélier मेष राशि
Taurus le Taureau वृषभ राशि
Gemini les Gémeaux मिथुन राशि
Cancer le Cancer कर्क राशि
Leo le Lion सिंह राशि
Virgo la Vierge कन्या राशि
Libra la Balance तुला राशि
Scorpio le Scorpion वृश्चिक राशि
Sagittarius le Sagittaire धनु राशि
Capricorn le Capricorne मकर राशि
Aquarius le Verseau कुंभ राशि
Pisces les Poissons मीन राशि

*इस पाठ में आप फ्रेंच भाषा में राशि के बारे में हिंदी अनुवाद के साथ जानेंगे

Zodiac Signs in French Video

How To Say Zodiac signs:

Q.1 How to say Aries in French?
Ans. Aries in Translated as “le Bélier”.

Q.2 How to say Taurus in French?
Ans. Taurus in Translated as “le Taureau”.

Q.3 How to say Gemini in French?
Ans. Gemini in Translated as “les Gémeaux”.

Q.4 How to say Cancer in French?
Ans. Cancer in Translated as “le Cancer”.

Q.5 How to say Leo in French?
Ans. Leo in Translated as “le Lion”.

Q.6 How to say Virgo in French?
Ans. Virgo in Translated as “la Vierge”.

Q.7 How to say Libra in French?
Ans. Libra in Translated as “la Balance”.

Q.8 How to say Scorpio in French?
Ans. Scorpio in Translated as “le Scorpion”.

Q.9 How to say Sagittarius in French?
Ans. Sagittarius in Translated as “le Sagittaire”.

Q.10 How to say Capricorn in French?
Ans. Capricorn in Translated as “le Capricorne”.

Q.11 How to say Aquarius in French?
Ans. Aquarius in Translated as “le Verseau”.

Q.12 How to say Pisces in French?
Ans. Pisces in Translated as “les Poissons”.

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