personal pronouns in french

Personal Pronouns in French

Personal Pronouns

I am – Je suis
You are – Tu es
He is – ll est
She is – elle est
We are Nous sommes
You are – Vous etes
They are lls/ Elles sont

In French, personal pronouns are used to replace nouns, indicating the person speaking (first person), the person being spoken to (second person), or the person or thing being spoken about (third person). The personal pronouns in French are as follows:

1st person singular: je (I) 1st person plural: nous (we) 2nd person singular: tu (you, informal) 2nd person plural: vous (you, formal or plural) 3rd person singular: il (he), elle (she), on (one) 3rd person plural: ils (they, masculine), elles (they, feminine)

French personal pronouns also have different forms depending on their function in a sentence (subject, object, possessive adjective, reflexive pronoun)