Ordinal Numbers in German

Ordinal Numbers in German

In this lesson we will learn about the ordinal numbers in German. How to say ordinal numbers like First to Tenth.

English German Hindi
First erste पहला
Second zweite दूसरा
Third dritte तीसरा
Fourth vierte चौथा
Fifth fünfte पांचवां
Sixth sechste छठा
Seventh siebte सातवां
Eighth achte आठवाँ
ninth neunte नौवां
Tenth zehnte दसवां

11th to 20th in German

English German Hindi
Eleventh elfte ग्यारहवां
Twelfth zwölfte बारहवां
Thirteenth dreizehnte तेरहवां
Fourteenth viertezehte चौदहवां
Fifteenth fünftezehte पंद्रहवां
Sixteenth sechzehnte सोलहवां
Seventeenth siebzehnte सत्रहवाँ
Eighteenth achtzehnte अठारहवाँ
Nineteenth neunzehnte उन्नीसवां
Twentieth zwanzigste बीसवां

Note: we have just added zehte after the numbers from 13th to 19th.

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