Family Members in Spanish

Name of Family Relations in Spanish

In this lesson we will learn about the Family vocabulary. How to say the family relationship in Spanish. Learn family member vocabulary with correct pronunciation and translation in English and Hindi.

Name of Family Members in Spanish

Spanish English Hindi
padre Father पिता
papá Dad पिता
madre Mother मां
mamá Mom मां
abuelo Grand Father दादा
abuela Grand Mother दादी
tio Uncle चाचा, मामा
tia Aunt चाची, मामी, मौसी, बुआ
hermano Brother भाई
hermana Sister बहन
esposo / marido Husband पति
esposa / mujer Wife पत्नी
hijo Son बेटा
hija Daughter बेटी
prima Cousin (Female) चचेरी, मौसेरी, ममेरी बहन
prima Cousin (Female) चचेरी, मौसेरी, ममेरी बहन
sobrina Niece भतीजी / भांजी
sobrino Nephew भतीजा / भांजा
suegro Father-in-law ससुर
suegta Mother-in-law सास
cuñado Brother-in-law देवर, साला, बहनोई, जेठ
cuñada Sister-in-law भाभी, जेठानी, देवरानी, साली
amigo Friend (male) दोस्त
amiga Friend (female) दोस्त
novio / novia Fiance(m) / Fiancee (f) मंगेतर

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